Coming Soon…

So, I had the idea to help move this site forward by combining it with some of my own more current and applicable research. When I say applicable, I of course mean applying the visual medium of superheroes and graphic narratives to the First Year Composition Classroom.


To this end I am beginning to develop some research that I want to aim to apply in the classroom, rhetorically, to aid students in understanding the material presented to them.


Therefore, I plan to post material I will be developing and using in the classroom to the sister site I am using on WordPress: Rhetoric and Composition for the Modern Student.


My plan is to post the material as I develop it on the site for the students, as well, with some of it, on this site as well. This site will also form the location where I will conduct meta-commentary on my observations, research, and development of the material with the students. A bit like a journal.


The intention is to create podcast walkthroughs, video casts, diagrams, and graphic narratives to illustrate and assist students in the classroom.


So, yeah, that’s the plan…stay tuned.