Revisiting and “Re-accentuating” Analysis Ch. 3

As I begin to work on Analysis Chapter 2 and look over the pieces that are coming together, I am coming to realize that the 64-page monstrosity of Analysis Ch. 3 will undergo some serious modifications.


First, much of theory I laid out in it will be modified, cut down, shifted.


Second, I decided to make some modifications and move the chapter about quite a bit.


To start, the way I structured the chapter initially consisted of an Introduction section to set up the chapter. This particular chapter was structured around investigating elements of re-accentuation within the Superman narrative. After this I sectioned the rest of the chapter, segmented it, by the sources: All-Star Superman, Superman Birthright, and Superman: Secret Origin.


Within each source section I followed a process of exploring three aspects and repeated this for each source in turn:


1. Touched upon the primary aspect of this analysis chapter, re-accentuation.


2. Examined the model/anti-model relationship in each, particularly connecting to arête and this is part of the overarching theory of the entire dissertation.


3. A grand expression of Superman’s essence, some part connected to elements of re-accentuation.


It made sense when working on it and it actually developed as I was working on drafting the chapter.


However, as I look back on it now, I wanted to move things around and try something new. All along I am working on Analysis Ch. 2 and deciding how this might be applied to this chapter as well to consider it a more overall consistent approach.


This approach involves, as the new “theoretical” approach to formatting the chapter, and I am working on this as a form of editorial revision.


In place of the previous, source driven segmentation, the new theoretical approach goes as follows, with some compression and changes:







Pulling together the material, keeping most everything but in need of editing and changes. Now each source is summarized and set up, then the overall theory is discussed in the model/anti-model, and then discussed how re-accentuation plays out in each source as it goes along.

We’ll see, when I’m done, if I like this better. If nothing else, I plan on perhaps moving things around in the source-segmented version too.

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